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china company required documents

The Required Documents (as reference)
Prepared by Client
  1. Five enterprise's name (Chinese) to be prepared for new company
  2. The copies of Business license or certificate of incorporation or Commercial Registration and Brief Introduction of investor
  3. The company introduction
  4. The business plan within three years of New company included Sales Quantity& Sales amount for each product, business mode.
  5. Business scope & products list
  6. The passport copy and address and nationality of the legal representative of the investor or Director members
  7. The resume and four photos (one inch ) for legal representative
  8. The supervisor’s passport copy
  9. Lease Agreement for the WFOE to be established. (Copy, The contract must be for not less than one year) and the property right certificate of the owner(copy with the seal).
    Certifying the contract by the estate bureau depending on the registration location
  10. Bank Reference Letter. This letter should be issued by a non-Chinese bank that has business relations with the foreign enterprise with validity of six months ( Original in 4 pcs )
  11. Embassy Certificate : The business license should be certified by Chinese Embassy in investor country.
    HK company : The HK company's license certified by Chinese Law service (HK) company
  12. The audit report for investor from accounting firm in nearly year. (Original in 1)
  13. Products list for import & export ( Original in 3pcs)
Prepared by Us
  1. Application Letter ( original in 2pcs )
  2. Director member list for new company
  3. Appointment letter ( Original in 4 for each one)
  4. The Article of association
  5. Feasibility study report
  6. Estimated the total investment value and its assignment, estimated register capital
  7. Entrustment Agreement
  8. Foreign Investor Enterprise Establishment Application letter from government
  9. Other application documents making
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